Science South, Inc. is defining the leading edge in materials research and software development.

We're getting ready for Microsoft Windows 7, so please watch! In the meantime please enjoy our current version of MultiMedia Office, 2.0, which runs on Microsoft Windows XP and Vista, and is available for free from Just click the link below.

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What We Do


We provide both research and support services.  On the pure research side, our issued patents range from hypersonic aircraft cooling systems to diamond making, diamond coatings and nano-structures.  Applied research currently includes novel machining techniques for industrial ceramics and gemstones, and unique mold making techniques for thermoplastic injection molding and metal injection molding.  Support services include computer assisted design, prototyping and "rapid manufacturing."  We focus on the defense and jewelry industries.


For over ten years we have authored commercial software for the boxed retail software market, and you have probably seem our creations at your favorite mass-market retailer.  You have probably seen our creations at your favorite mass-market retailer under several different software publisher labels.  We currently are bringing major programs into the Open Source community, and providing support services for those programs.

We now have patented a method of allowing users to utilize data and multimedia on any device that accepts flash memory, from cell phones and computers to televisions. The data is encrypted and protected so only the authorized user can access it. We tested our flash memory devices on televisions at CES 2009. Please write or call for more information.